Top Bloggers in California

Top Bloggers

Yesterday, I was googling and looking for a list of well respected bloggers specifically in California for some reason of getting more inspired to be an independent blogger. I bumped into a lot of listing websites and suddenly thought of re-listing them accordingly in a single post page. I know that this might be off-beat to our company’s blog readers and visitors. But, hopefully you can all still find this helpful since they post some interesting tips, stuffs and real time happenings. You might like following them on their blog and socials.

The list below is in random order.

Outside Adventure to the Max by Nick | Niche: Adventure | G+

Fiore Beauty | Niche: Beauty | Twitter

Style Me Grasie by Grasie | Niche: Beauty | Twitter

Swell Mayde by Aimee | Niche: Beauty | Twitter

Glam Latte by Jamie | Niche: Beauty | Twitter

My Beauty Bunny by Jen | Niche: Beauty | Facebook

Coquette Blog by Natalie | Niche: Beauty | Twitter

Thoughtful Misfit by Tienlyn | Niche: Beauty | Twitter

Just Add Glam by Jennifer | Niche: Beauty | Twitter


Cupcakes and Cashmere by Emily | Niche: Beauty | Twitter


The Daily Obsession by Carolyn | Niche: Beauty | Twitter

Merrick’s Art by Merrick | Niche: Beauty and Family | Facebook

Honey & Silk by Stephanie | Niche: Beauty and Fashion| Twitter


elshane’s World by Elshane | Niche: Beauty and Fashion | Twitter

Remarques by Teni | Niche: Beauty and Fashion | Twitter

From Head to Toe by Jen | Niche: Beauty and Fashion | Facebook


Stuff She Likes by Taye | Niche: Beauty and Fashion | Twitter


Take Aim by Michelle | Niche: Beauty and Fashion | Twitter

Love Joo Kim

Love Joo Kim by Joo | Niche: Beauty and Fashion | Twitter


Elle Apparel by Leanne | Niche: Beauty and Fashion | Twitter


Cara’s Cliche by Cara | Niche: Beauty and Fashion | Twitter


The Stylish Kind by Jacquelyn | Niche: Food, Beauty and Fashion | Facebook

The Note Passer by Elizabeth | Niche: Beauty and Fashion | Twitter

Model Liberation

Model Liberation by Nikia | Niche: Beauty and Lifestyle| Facebook

The Scott Effect by Blake | Niche: Beauty and Lifestyle | Facebook


Putting Me Together by Audrey | Niche: Beauty and Style | Facebook

MelRod Style by Melissa | Niche: Beauty and Travel | Twitter

Haute Pink Pretty by An | Niche: Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle | Twitter

The Collective Mill by Marianna | Niche: Blogging & Style | Twitter


Fashiontoast by Rumi | Niche: Fashion | Facebook


Sincerely Jules by Julie | Niche: Fashion | Twitter

Song of Style by Aimee | Niche: Fashion | Twitter


Peace Love Shea by Shea | Niche: Fashion | Twitter


Karla’s Closet by Karla | Niche: Fashion | Twitter

That’s Chic by Rachel | Niche: Fashion | Facebook

Bethany Struble by Bethany | Niche: Fashion | Facebook


Neon Blush by Jenny | Niche: Fashion | Twitter


THE BLONDE SALAD by CHIARA | Niche: Fashion | Twitter

Kayture by Kristina | Niche: Fashion | Twitter

Wendy’s Lookbook by Wendy | Niche: Fashion | Facebook

The Atlantic Pacific by Blair | Niche: Fashion | Facebook


The Chriselle Factor by Chriselle | Niche: Fashion | Facebook

Amlul by Gala | Niche: Fashion | Twitter

Gary Pepper Girl by Nicole | Niche: Fashion | Twitter

Tuula Vintage by Jessica | Niche: Fashion | Facebook

Bryan Boy by Bryan | Niche: Fashion | Facebook


Helena Bordon by Helena | Niche: Fashion | Twitter

We Wore What by Danielle | Niche: Fashion | Facebook

Negin Mirsalehi by Negin | Niche: Fashion | Twitter


Nicolette Mason by Nicolette | Niche: Fashion | Facebook

Style Bubble by Sussana | Niche: Fashion| Facebook

Classy Girls Wear Pearls by Sarah | Niche: Fashion| Twitter

Shine By Three by Margaret | Niche: Fashion| Twitter

Zanita Whittington by Zanita | Niche: Fashion|

Gabifresh by Gabi | Niche: Fashion| Twitter

Sea of Shoes by Jane | Niche: Fashion| Twitter

Karla’s Closet by Karla | Niche: Fashion| Twitter

Lust for Life by Olivia | Niche: Fashion| Twitter

Late Afternoon by Liz | Niche: Fashion| Twitter

Stop it right now by Jayne | Niche: Fashion| Twitter

Viva Luxury by Annabelle | Niche: Fashion| Twitter

Chronicles of a Young Mother by Vivienne | Niche: Fashion| Facebook

The Lipstick Giraffe by Kachet | Niche: Fashion| Twitter

Kathleen’s Closet by Kathleen | Niche: Fashion

The Style Riot by Katie | Niche: Fashion| Twitter

Coast With Me by Rita | Niche: Fashion| Facebook

The Kentucky Gent by Josh | Niche: Fashion| Twitter

Kerrently Gent by Courtney | Niche: Fashion| Twitter

Seersucker + Saddles Gent by Beth | Niche: Fashion| Twitter

spades+SiLK Gent by Juliette | Niche: Fashion| Twitter

Ash ‘n’ Fashn Gent by Ashley | Niche: Fashion| Twitter

The Style Editrix by Ashley | Niche: Fashion & Lifestyle| Twitter

Sequins at Breakfast by Laura | Niche: Fashion & Lifestyle| Twitter

The Habit by Teresa | Niche: Fashion & Lifestyle| Twitter

LaTisha Guster Gent by LaTisha | Niche: Fashion & Lifestyle| Twitter

SacFoodandBooze by Lorenzo and Diana | Niche: Food| Facebook

Simply Recipes by Elise | Niche: Food| Twitter

Drinkcation | Niche: Food| Facebook

West Coast Capri by Chelsey | Niche: Food

Joy the Baker by Joy | Niche: Food| Twitter

Bite and Booze by Jay | Niche: Food| Facebook

Homesick Texan by Lisa | Niche: Food| Twitter

Southern Plate by Christy | Niche: Food| Facebook

Dessert For Two by Christina | Niche: Food| Twitter

Southern Bite by Stacey | Niche: Food| Facebook

The Runaway Spoon by Perre | Niche: Food| Twitter

Brew/Drink/Run by Lee | Niche: Food & Lifestyle| Facebook

Eat. Drink. Smile. by Beth | Niche: Food & Lifestyle| Twitter

Feast + West by Susannah | Niche: Food & Lifestyle| Twitter

The Rainforest Garden by Steve | Niche: Garden| Facebook

Red Dirt Ramblings by Dee | Niche: Garden| Twitter

Family Trail Time: A Mama’s Guide to Hiking by Felicia and Chris | Niche: Hiking| Facebook

Pure Style Home by Lauren | Niche: Garden| Twitter

La Dolce Vita by Paloma | Niche: Home & Lifestyle| Facebook

Gal Meets Glam by Julia | Niche: Lifestyle| Twitter

Phasionable by Tina | Niche: Lifestyle| Facebook

Britt + Whit by Brittany & Whitney | Niche: Lifestyle| Facebook

Crystalin Marie by Crystalin| Niche: Lifestyle| Twitter

pancakeSTACKER by Chandamheer | Niche: Lifestyle| Twitter

Jax Chronicles by Jax | Niche: Lifestyle| Facebook

Rio Linda Online by John | Niche: Lifestyle| Twitter

Sipped in California by Kelly | Niche: Lifestyle| Facebook

Love, Marriage, Baby, Nap by Serena | Niche: Lifestyle| Facebook

A Wild Rumpus by Jill and Sarah | Niche: Lifestyle| Twitter

The Effortless Chic by Jen | Niche: Lifestyle| Twitter

Hither and Thither by Julia | Niche: Lifestyle| Twitter

A Cup of Jo by Megan | Niche: Lifestyle| Twitter

Apartment 34 by Erin | Niche: Lifestyle| Twitter

Paris in Four Months by Carin | Niche: Lifestyle| Facebook

A House in the Hills by Sarah | Niche: Lifestyle| Twitter

Reading My Tea Leaves by Erin | Niche: Lifestyle| Twitter

Bleubird by James | Niche: Lifestyle| Twitter

Kinlake by Linda & David | Niche: Lifestyle| Facebook

Nicole Franzen by Nicole| Niche: Lifestyle| Twitter

Design Mom by Gabrielle| Niche: Lifestyle| Facebook

Lost in Florence by Nardia| Niche: Lifestyle| Twitter

Girl in Florence by Georgette| Niche: Lifestyle| Twitter

A Beautiful Mess by Elsie| Niche: Lifestyle| Facebook

Back Down South by Caroline| Niche: Lifestyle| Twitter

The Love List by Jess| Niche: Lifestyle| Twitter

Sew Caroline by Caroline| Niche: Lifestyle| Facebook

House of Harper by Caroline| Niche: Lifestyle| Twitter

Lavin Label by Monica| Niche: Lifestyle| Twitter

The Southern Coterie by Cheri and Whitney| Niche: Lifestyle| Twitter

Camille Styles by Camille| Niche: Lifestyle| Facebook

Let’s Be Fair by Dominique| Niche: Lifestyle| Twitter

Sasstainable by Angela| Niche: Lifestyle| Twitter

Our Natural Heritage by Caitlin| Niche: Lifestyle| Facebook

Living Pretty, Naturally by Nicole| Niche: Lifestyle| Twitter

Caffeinated OC Mommy| Niche: Mom Blogs| Facebook

Tiny Oranges by Jennifer| Niche: Mom Blogs| Twitter

Sassy Mama in LA by Yolanda| Niche: Mom Blogs| Twitter

Karma (continued…) by Jenny| Niche: Mom Blogs| Twitter

Someday I’ll Learn by Chelsea and Nate| Niche: Mom Blogs| Facebook

Crosbie Crew by Summer| Niche: Mom Blogs|

Essential Mama Baby| Niche: Mom Blogs| Twitter

Go Explore Nature by Debi| Niche: Mom Blogs| Facebook

Juggling in Heels by Sarah| Niche: Mom Blogs| Twitter

A moon, worn as if it had been a shell by Elizabeth| Niche: Mom Blogs

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice by Kathleen| Niche: Mom Blogs| Facebook

This Little Blog by Momma J| Niche: Mom Blogs| Facebook Play Blog by Michele| Niche: Mom Blogs| Facebook

Holls Goes Social by Hollie| Niche: Mom Blogs

Glitterful Felt Stories by Shelby| Niche: Mom Blogs| Facebook

Daytrippingmom by Aracely| Niche: Mom Blogs| Twitter

Taster Tots L.A. by Jessica| Niche: Mom Blogs| Facebook by Laura| Niche: Mom Blogs| Facebook

Rage Against the Minivan by Kristen| Niche: Mom Blogs| Facebook

It’s All About Balance by April| Niche: Mom Blogs

The Natomas Buzz| Niche: News| Facebook

The RAEviewer by Rachel| Niche: News| Facebook

Roseville California Joys by Kaye| Niche: Real Estate & Lifestyle|

California Through My Lens by Josh| Niche: Travel| Twitter

This Is My Happiness by Jenna| Niche: Travel| Facebook

The World is a Book by Mary| Niche: Travel| Facebook

Ever in Transit by Cassie| Niche: Travel| Twitter

La Jolla Mom by Katie| Niche: Travel

Travel Photo Discovery by Noel| Niche: Travel| Facebook

Hej Doll by Jessica| Niche: Travel| Twitter

No Back Home by Karilyn| Niche: Travel| Facebook

Travel Caffeine by Tom| Niche: Travel| Twitter

Traveling Mom | Niche: Travel| Facebook

Family Travel Guy by Randy| Niche: Travel| Twitter

Flashes of Delight by Barbara| Niche: Travel| Twitter

Leah Travels by Leah| Niche: Travel| Twitter by Rob| Niche: Travel| Twitter

Camels & Chocolate by Kristin| Niche: Travel| Twitter

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