Points to Remember Before Buying a Garage Door Openers

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A wise consumer always does a research and comparison before buying anything. Be it an appliance, a car, furniture or even the brand of milk, diaper or juice you buy in the grocery, you always do a comparison and checking. In this case, you get to compare which product gives you value for money and have the best product.

The same thing you do in choosing the right garage door opener for your garage, especially that it also concerns security for the home and not just convenience. Looking for a garage door opener entails a lot of research, testing and comparison. This is something a wise homeowner should not take lightly because it could make or break your home’s security and the convenience in parking your car.

To help you in choosing the perfect garage door opener, we would like to share with you some of the most essential points you need to look for in getting the garage door opener that is right for you and will serve its purpose for a very long time.

1. First, you have to choose which type of drive you are going to choose. There are two types of drives, the chain-drive and belt-drive. The chain-drive is the oldest type and is still the most popular and preferred type of drive by homeowners. One downside of this it is noisy and gets noisier over time so this is best if the garage door is not near a bedroom which may disturb if someone is sleeping. One famous brand – Chamberlain is known for chain-drives that are durable, built with strength, reliable performance and its relatively quiet than the other brands.

The belt type of drive maybe the same with the chain-drive but it is operated with a rubber belt. This is the quietest type of belt but is a bit more expensive than the chain-drive.

2. Next thing to consider is the power of the garage door opener. For a standard two car garage door, a ½ horsepower opener will be your best choice. A smaller motor will do for lighter garage doors and one-car garages. The Chamberlain PD725 is a ¾ horsepower opener, priced at about $170 and could be your top choice for your heavy garage door. It has also been given a 4.5 to 5 star rating by most Amzaon users.

3. The size of your garage door. 7 feet tall is the standard garage door and the standard opener can open doors of up to 6 inches taller than the standard height, but if your door is higher than that then you will have to buy an extension kit.

4. Check for safety features. Though all garage doors have been required to strict safety standards since 1993. The standard safety mechanism that stops and reverses at closing when it senses an object passing under it, but there are also models that have more safety features like additional and more sensitive sensors.

5. The price. This is usually what most homeowners would consider as the top factor. Though oftentimes cheap openers are considered to be of inferior qualities, contrary to this there are cheap openers that perform really well. Like the ½ horsepower Chamberlain PD210D at about $130. This is a great deal for an affordable garage opener.

6. Check the warranty of the garage opener. Though warranties differ by brands and models, best to choose unit and brand with best warranty offer, like the longest and the most comprehensive service they are offering for the unit purchased.

7. Keyless entry pad, a handy feature mounted just outside the garage door. Best appreciated by owners who don’t like to bring with them keys and also perfect if you keep locking yourself out. This is programmed with a code and some are even programmed to read your fingerprint for added security.

8. Remote controls usually come in two sets for standard garage door openers. Some have only one button that is for opening and closing of the garage door. Some models have multiple buttons that can operate more than just the garage door, like the gate. It is up to you which you think is more apt for your family’s need.

We have pointed out 8 factors to look for in choosing the best garage door opener for you. We wish you good luck and happy shopping for the garage door opener that will suit your lifestyle and that you may find quality opener to serve you and your family for a very long time with very minimal maintenance. After all, the garage door opener is supposed to be of help and a convenience and not a liability.

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