New Year’s Promo [2018]: Buy Rowe AMI and TouchTunes Jukebox Remotes

It’s New Year time and it’s that time of the year where gift giving can be stressful. This is especially true if you have a lot of friends and family that you need to find gifts for. Make sure that you find useful presents.

If you have family or friends that are into jukeboxes or have jukeboxes at home, then it might be a smart move to gift them with jukebox remotes. Often, these get broken too easily and people replace them too frequently. This is why handing out a remote or two will be a great gift idea.

Where to purchase remotes

The top jukeboxes used today are the Rowe AMI and the TouchTunes jukeboxes. Make sure that these are the brands that your friends or family are using so you ensure that you’ve purchased the right one.
There are different options for buying Rowe AMI and TouchTunes remotes. You can go withthe usual electronic retail stores in your area. However, you have to keep in mind that you have to make it through the holiday rush. Ensure that the remotes you’re looking for are compatible with the jukeboxes that your friends or family owns.
Another place to check out is online listings. Websites such as eBay or Amazon give you a ton of options when it comes to jukebox remotes. There are many online sellers from different parts of the world who are posting their items. When going this route, make sure that you buy from a trusted seller with excellent feedback and good return policies.

New Year Promo for Jukebox Remotes

If you’re on a budget, Press On Products has a New Year promo for their Rowe AMI and TouchTunes remotes. When you buy a 10-remote pack, you can get an extra remote for free.

This promo goes for both Rowe AMI and TouchTunes remotes. So, you don’t have to only give a single remote. You can definitely gift them a few remotes to last them a pretty long while.

The remotes come with a money-back guarantee so you have the assurance with every purchase.

The perks of gifting Rowe AMI and TouchTunes remotes

Jukebox remotes are more useful than you ever thought they would be. For someone who uses jukeboxes quite a lot, the remote can be a convenient accessory to have. Most remotes that come with jukeboxes are flimsy and get broken quite easily. Replacement remotes, such as those from Press On Products, are made to be durable.

10 Pack Promo buy 10 get 1 free of the Ami A1 remotes

With the Rowe AMI A1 jukebox remotes, these come with extra features that owners will find useful. It has three mic options and four channels ready. The volume buttons are paddles and found at the center part of the remote. The overall design is improved. The A1 remotes from Press On Products now has a leash cord for those who want a mounting option so it doesn’t fall and break. Each remote has its leash cord attachment and batteries for immediate use.

Promotional offer: Buy 10 T1 remotes and Get 1 Free!

The T1 TouchTunes jukebox remotes, on the other hand, are custom-designed by Press On Products. The remote is compatible with all of the TouchTunes jukeboxes. It has extra features with SureGrip plastic molding technology that makes it less likely to be dropped. This is great for those who have coin-operated jukeboxes. This set comes with a free battery cover. In case the remote falls and the battery cover breaks, you now have a replacement battery cover. You no longer have to deal with a duct tape solution for your jukebox remote.

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