Perfect Christmas Gift: Where to Buy Jukebox Remotes for TouchTunes and Rowe AMI

With the holiday season in full swing, celebrations are everywhere. One of the most stressful parts of the holidays is finding the perfect gifts for the people who matter most to you.

In the spirit of gift-giving, utilitarian presents always stand out. If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift to someone who loves jukebox and has one at home, a jukebox remote will work for you. This is practical and super useful to the receiver, especially if he/she uses the jukebox frequently.

Jukebox Remotes

With a jukebox remote, you can do a lot of things. Instead of having to manually operate your jukebox. Most of the remotes are RF-based so you do not have to point it directly to the jukebox for it to work. These have a range of up to 200 feet and is not usually affected by interference from other RF devices.

You can adjust the volume, skip songs, give promotional credit, pause the jukebox, and assign buttons for future use with your remote. These keys are usually pre-programmed for certain functions.

Most of the standard remotes that come with the jukeboxes are not that durable. These are usually made of inferior plastic that tends to break when dropped into a hard surface. The battery compartments pop open and break off, as well. This is why it’s ideal to purchase a more durable universal or compatible remote for the jukebox.

Where to Purchase Remotes

There are different places where you can get remotes from. If you are keen on purchasing a remote as a Christmas gift for someone, look into these places:

Brick and mortar electronics stores.Find an electronics store near you and call ahead of they have jukebox remotes available. Most electronics stores carry manufacturer remotes and universal ones. However, availability might be an issue. Make sure that you call ahead in order before going to the store. The advantage of purchasing from a retailer is that you can personally check the item beforehand. Unfortunately, you might need to spend some time driving to different stores in order to find the right remote.

eBay or Amazon. Online portals, such as eBay and Amazon, has made online shopping easier for everyone. Different sellers from various parts of the world can post items and sell these at a fraction of a cost. You can have a wide variety of options for jukebox remotes. However, make sure that you buy from a trusted seller. It is easy to fall for a scammer nowadays. Check the reviews first and the return policies.

press on products - jukebox remotesPress On Products. If you are looking for an online store that carries a more intensive selection of jukebox remotes and a more durable selection, then look no further from Press On Products. The company is a manufacturer of jukebox remotes that are compatible with Rowe AMI and TouchTunes jukeboxes. They have designed and created their remote for maximum functionality and durability. Their remotes have shatter-resistant molding and superior molded grooves. These also come with extra button options and screwed battery compartment for some extra security.

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