Where to Buy Garage Door Opener Parts in the US

Once you’ve purchased and installed a new garage door opener, you are now ready to operate and use it. This makes every day convenient and hassle-free for homeowners who drive to and from work. Although openers are made to be sturdy and powerful, these are also prone to the usual wear and tear of daily use. A garage door opener also has its lifespan. After a certain number of opening, it may come to the end of its life.

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When you encounter problems with your garage door opener, you don’t have to purchase a new one right away. Sometimes, all you need are replacement parts. If you are currently encounter garage problems or you just want to be in the know, here are the places where you can purchase garage door opener parts in the US:

    • Amazon. Purchasing online is still convenient for most busy homeowners. Having it shipped right to your doorstep is the best solution for those who can’t make a personal visit to the home improvement store. Amazon.com has tons of items from various sellers. Having a wide variety of choices is good for making a smart decision with your purchase. This way you can also compare prices with just a simple click of a button, especially with Amazon’s comparison feature.Always ask for the return options in case there are some problems with the part.


    • eBay. This is another online option if you are too busy to purchase garage opener parts personally. Like Amazon, eBay has different items from different sellers. Some sellers might even come from abroad, especially if you need an imported item. Unlike Amazon, there are some items that might be sold through auction, depending on what you’re purchasing. Buying on auction also tends to be cheaper. It is important to check the seller feedback first before making your purchase, aside from the return policy. Make sure that there is also a refund policy in place in case you are not satisfied with the product.


    • Manufacturer websites. If you want to buy directly from the brand, then you can always check their websites for parts. Most of the garage door opener manufacturers have an online store component where you can make your purchase. This ensures that you get the right spare part for your opener. Having parts from the manufacturer also makes sure that you won’t encounter compatibility issues. Most manufacturers also offer easy return policies, so you don’t have to worry about your purchase.


  • Home improvement retailers. Whether you are going for Sears, Lowe’s or Ace Hardware. These home improvement retailers are reliable sources for garage door opener parts. These stores are where most homeowners usually go to purchase home tools and devices. The actual stores are handy for those who want to see and check out the items before purchasing them. This is great if you want to make sure that the parts are in good condition and is really what you are looking for. Having a sales person ready to assist you is also good for when you have questions regarding what you’re about to purchase. Aside from the brick and mortar, home improvement retailers also have their own online stores that you can purchase from. They usually offer store pickup so you can always buy online and pick the item at the nearest store in your area or have these delivered straight to your home.

These are just some of the options that you have for buying garage door opener parts in the US. There are tons of other online stores and physical stores that sell opener parts. One thing that you need to consider with every purchase is to find a store that provides flexible return and refund policies.

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