Top Four Bestselling Garage Door Remotes in the US

garage-door-remote-Denver-Home-GarageGarage door openers are not just something that makes your home life easy. It also adds a layer of protection and is a very useful device. However, a more convenient and safe garage doesn’t just stop with a good garage door opener. Although having a good opener makes so much of a difference in making your daily life easier, the remote control is also a factor that you might want to consider. Certain types of remotes are either convenient or just a hassle. So, it is necessary to choose the right one that fits your needs.

Although opener kits already come with garage remotes, you might need a few more as replacements or for the other members of the family. Whatever the case may be, here are the top four bestselling remotes that you might want to check if you’re in the market for one:

1. LiftMaster 371LM. This is a popular and basic garage door opener remote. The LiftMaster 371LM is a fuss-free single-button remote that works with a single garage door or gate. It comes with Security+ feature that sends in a new code every time the remote control is clicked. It is compatible with LiftMaster openers with purple learn button, purple antenna, and those with silver remote control buttons. This can also be used to operate lights and other appliances in your home from your car.

2. Genie G3T-R Intellicode2. This is a three-button remote control that works with Genie garage door openers only. Since it has three buttons, this allows you to control up to three doors. It comes in a sleek design and easy battery replacement. The G3T-R has an auto-seek dual technology to ensure that the opener responds even if there’s a possibility of an interference. It has the Intellicode2 feature that is backward compatible with the Intellicode1. This is a great remote to have if you have multiple garage doors in your home.

3. LiftMaster 890MAX mini Keychain. It is a miniature version of the 893MAX. It fits in your purse or pocket which makes it is the best choice if you want more security for your garage door. Having a keychain remote ensures that you have your remote with you at all times. It can be carried around and does not have to be left inside your car which makes it susceptible to theft. The LiftMaster 890MAX can control up to three doors or gates and MyQTM-enabled devices. This remote also features the Security+ rolling code technology. It is compatible with LiftMaster garage door openers made from 1993.

4. Linear 3089 Multicode 3089. This hand-held one-button remote only works with the Multi-Code 300 MHz products. This is a visor clip remote that you can leave inside your car for convenience so you won’t forget where you placed your remote. It is compatible with all US Multi-Code garage door openers or gate operator systems. It also replaces the Multi-Code 1089 300 MHz 10-dipswitch remotes, Multi Elmac 3089. This comes with a one-year warranty for your peace of mind.

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