What are Belt Drive Garage Door Openers?

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Photo www.americorpscontest.org

A garage door opener is already a must in maintaining a home. Nobody now has the time to keep opening and closing the garage door manually, especially when it is the heaviest moving part of the home. Having an opener makes daily home life easier and more convenient. With just a click of your remote control, you are now able to open and close your garage door whenever you are driving in and out of your home.

However, choosing a garage door is not as easy as buying something from your home improvement store. You need to consider the needs of your family, firstly. You may go about with choosing the right type of garage door after.

There are three kinds of openers that are out in the market today: the belt-drive system, chain-drive, and the screw-drive. The belt-drive opener is a reliable garage door opener that is ideal for homes with attached garages.

Learn more about belt-drive openers by reading below:

How it Works

The belt drive garage door opener uses a belt as the name suggests. The rubber belt runs through the rails pulls and pushes the trolley in the garage door opener, which in turn also moves the door to close or open it.

Since it has a rubber belt, it operates smoothly and does not squeak or jump. It uses a reinforced rubber, which gives it the durability and strength for a longer lifetime use.

Pros and Cons

It is a quiet garage door opener that suits homes with attached garages. You won’t hear a squeak even at night. This is great for those with bedrooms and living spaces above or adjacent to the garage. If this is your family’s main concern then, you should invest in one.

It is also a powerful opener that can lift most of the common garage doors. Unfortunately, it might struggle on lifting heavier garage doors, like wooden ones and two-car doors. It is fast and lifts the doors slightly quicker than the other garage door openers.

Installation and maintenance are never issues with belt-drive openers. The mechanism can be easily replaced and only needs to be lubricated once in a while.

The belt-drive is considered on the higher end spectrum of garage door openers. Unlike its counterparts, it is usually pricey. However, this can be an investment on your part. If you want the smoothness and quietness of operation, then you won’t regret paying for the extra dollars.

This type of garage door also comes with a longer warranty period. If the belt breaks, most manufacturers will provide you a replacement throughout the opener’s lifetime.Unfortunately, this opener is does not last as long as the chain-drive opener. This explains why it has a longer warranty.

Best Belt-drive Openers

If you’ve already figured that belt-drive garage door openers are made for you and your family, here are the best ones in the market today:

The LiftMaster 8557 comes from the brand’s Elite Series line. This opener is a perfect blend f power and quiet operation. It has ¾ HP motor that lifts heavier garage doors. Even with just 50% of its power, it can lift doors effortlessly and smoothly. The 8557 is equipped with the MyQ technology that allows you to monitor your garage door through your smartphone or computer wherever you are.

Another reliable garage door opener is the Chamberlain WD1000WF. It is packed with features. It has internet connectivity for mobile controls and a 1-1/4 HP motor for the ultimate power. With a battery backup, you need not to worry about power outages since you can still use your opener and not be locked out.

The Genie SilentMax 1000 has an intelligent design. It has ¾ HP motor for power to lift most residential garage doors even the heavier ones. It operates quietly and smoothly with soft start and stop.

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