Beginners Guide: Before You Buy a Garage Door

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This article is written by Kristy Jones of a Garage Door Opener Store.

Like any other fixture or appliance you need to buy for the home, it entails a lot of scouring for the best and the most reliable brand and style. It requires that you weigh the pros and cons and the in betweens before you come up with a decision as to which design or brand best suits your needs and particular style choice.

Same thing in choosing the right garage door to be installed in your home; there are so many things you need to consider. Most homeowners would start with the look, then they choose the design and style that would perfectly go with the current architectural design of their house. However, on the technical aspects, not that many consumers know which one to choose.

So, to help you out, we have here a few pointers to know what to look for in choosing the best garage door.

1. The type of drive – choose the right type of drive, there are three types of drive, the chain, belt and screw. For the chain drive, this type can be noisy and tough and it’s a bad idea to choose if your garage is next to a bedroom but some prefer this type so that they can be alerted if someone is trying to open it. Next is the belt type, it’s almost like the chain but used with a rubber belt. Lastly is the screw type, there are few moving parts in this type of drive. It requires minimal maintenance and is considered the easiest to install.

2. The Door Size – regular garage door size is 7 feet tall and its standard opener can accommodate taller doors of up to 6. Garage doors taller than this will need an extension kit.

3. Power – The power of the garage door that you need will depend on how many cars you are going to park inside the garage. For a two-car garage, you may need a ½ horsepower garage door. A 3/4 horsepower unit will be required for heavier doors, like the carriage-type doors. To be sure it is based on the material of the door. Wood doors require a heavier motor and aluminum doors require less horsepower.

4. Safety – all garage doors have safety mechanisms or photo eyes since it was required by law in 1993. This is the safety reverse mechanism with the use of sensors, which makes it automatically stop or work in reverse once it detects an object underneath or passing through it. However, this mechanism can also damage cars, injure people and pets so it is best to be tested regularly.

5. Security Features – one quality of a garage door to look for is the one with an opener with a rolling code feature that would make it hard for burglars, thieves and intruders to crack or copy the code.

6. The Back-up battery – this may not be a standard feature but it would be best to choose a model with one of this. This is incase of power cuts, you would still be able to operate the garage door and get your car out.

7. Keyless Entry Pad that is mounted just outside the garage door will come in handy in case you lock yourself out of your home or if you find it a hassle in carrying with you a keychain remote. Some of the newest versions are already equipped with a thumbprint scanner to access it.

8. Remote Control – having two remote controls are now the standard of garage door openers, and this is usually preferred by owners since it can open more than one door or be used by visiting guests..

9. Warranty – there are different warranties for different brands and models. Some carry a lifetime warranty while some carry warranties for a specific period of time like a 10-year warranty, etc. Components like belts, chains, and such are covered with a shorter period of time warranties. Warranties may also include repairs and replacements but not due to normal wear and tear or use.

10. Price Factor – standard garage door opener models with 1/2 horsepower ranges from the low end of $135-160 for chain-drive units, while screw-drive units starts at $190 and $230 for the belt-drive units. If you wish to get the 3/4 horsepower unit liftmaster makes the estate series line and they are for carriage style garage doors or heavy wood doors.

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