Beekeeping Hobby in Your Garage Plus Top 8 Beekeeping Blogs

Beekeeping is becoming a trend in the urban gardening realm. Although there are still restrictions depending on the location, this does not hold back those who want to try. With tons of resources and communities around, it is now easier for a homeowner to start his own beekeeping hobby.If you are still starting or are already deep into the world of bees and hives, then you might be considering your garage as an extended part of your hobby. It is a common option for beekeepers especially those who are doing this at home. It is an accessible and cost-effective alternative to building a separate structure.

Here are the reasons why you should think of extending beekeeping to your garage.

1. It’s accessible. Having your hive in a close proximity to your home makes it more accessible. Instead of placing your hive on the rooftop or getting another space for your hives, you can make use of your garage. You need not travel far in order to check your hive. Just having them right next to your home makes everything convenient.

2. It’s more cost-effective. There are some beekeepers who rent locations or build their own honey house for the hobby. If you do not want to spend a fortune on a little hobby that you want to do on the side, then the best solution is to make use of what you have. If you are not using your garage, then you can do something with it and convert it for beekeeping. This will cost you less compared to building something from scratch.

3. It’s easier for beginners. If you are just starting out with beekeeping, then starting one in your garage will make things easier for you. You can start out small, with just a weak or a small hive for beginners. Since you are not getting such a large hive, then a small garage will do the trick.

4. You can expand. It is easier to expand if you start with your garage for your beekeeping. This is a good starting point, especially when you want your beehive to grow. Those who have a detached garage can easily expand and extend space when the need be.

5. This easily houses your hives.If your need a structure right away to house your beehive, then going for your garage is easily a good idea. You do not have to build a roof or a structure to keep your hive stand dry. Your unused garage is already there are will provide a good space for your hive.

6. A no-brainer option for urban beekeeping. With the limited space in urban homes, it seems like converting an unused garage is a wise use of space. If you do not have a garden or a lawn, then use your garage to keep your hive. The structure is already present, especially if it has been built with the home. So you don’t have to worry about building any structure for your beehive.

7. Earn extra from it. Although many beekeepers start the hobby with just an open curiosity, beekeeping can also be a source of income for the family. If you are producing more honey than your family consumes, you have the option to sell these to your friends or start creating homemade honey products. With the minimal expense from having it in your garage, you can have a good amount of profit for the family.

8. You won’t need extra space for the hive.Usually, the garage is big enough to house a few hive stands. If you plan to have a bigger hive or add more stands, then you don’t need to expand and build a different structure. Just make use of the space in your garage.

9. If you have a garden, it helps your garden produce. Bees have this role of pollination in the ecosystem. If you have a small patch of garden for flowers or vegetables, then having bees around will help making these plants thrive and be productive especially if these are close to your home. You not only produce good honey, but will also help in making the gardens around you produce the best flowers.

10. Keep your family involved. Just having your hive close to home will allow your family to be involved in your hobby. It’s also the best way to teach your kids the science of pollination and the use of every organism in the ecosystem. This will give them a peek into the craft and also learn the valuable lesson of patience in beekeeping.

11. A no-commitment expansion. If you have an extra space in your garage and would like to test out the waters in beekeeping, then converting your garage is a great first step. You can expand your hobby without committing to a larger or more expensive space. Keeping it within your home is more affordable. If it doesn’t work out as expected, then you don’t have to regret having spent a large sum or having built a structure just for your hobby. You can still reuse you garage for something else afterwards.

Top 8 Beekeeping Blogs

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