A Quick Guide to Installing and Using the Allstar Garage Door Opener

AllstarHaving a garage door opener makes life easier. There’s no need to go down your car and manually roll up your garage door every time you come home or leave the house.

If you are thinking of getting an Allstar garage door opener, here are some quick tips in installing and using it:

  • Ready all the parts and tools. Ensure that you have everything ready prior to installing your garage door opener. This includes the tools and equipment such as protective eyewear, gloves, screwdrivers, and others. This makes the entire process faster.
  • Remove unnecessary objects. Do not wear rings or watches during the installation. Clear up your garage so the installation is smoother and quicker. Remove the ropes and other attachments on the garage door.
  • Mark the points. Find the centerline above your garage door. Mark it and draw a horizontal line across the centerline and another one two inches above the higher arc line.
  • Install the bracket. Install the mounting bracket with the lag screws on the drawn lines. Reinforce it with a steel angle iron. Ensure that the bracket is installed securely.
  • Add in the tee rail and operator. Install the tee rail and operator. Don’t place the operator too high over the door. If the bracket is located two inches over the door, provide a two-inch space at the rear for a smoother operation. Make certain that the door does not rub on the tee rail.
  • The emergency release rope. This emergency mechanism is engaged when you pull the release handle away from the door. This separates the trolley mechanism and frees the door. Just engage the emergency mechanism forward to reengage. You can operate it normally after that.
  • Test it out. After you install your garage door opener, ensure that you test it out a few times. Open and close the door a few times to be sure that everything is working accordingly.

If you find it difficult to install the garage door opener on your own, you can ask a professional to help you out. This cuts the time spent on the installation and makes everything smoother. You don’t need to worry on problems and the tools that you don’t have.

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