Allstar 8833 OCS Review

If you are looking for a perfect remote control for forklifts and if you want a perfect remote for your large commercial garage doors that may not be fully opened all the time, Allstar 8833 OCS is best for you. This product saves on wear, heat and cooling loss.

Basic Specifications

allstar-8833The Allstar 8833 OCS garage door remote has an OPEN, CLOSE and STOP buttons that are used for one commercial door or gate. It controls the open, close and stop functions. This item operates on a 318MHz radio frequency and consists of 9 three positional dip switches. These switches are used to program +, -, and 0 settings which are known as trinary and operate up to 3 devices.

The Allstar 8833 OCS includes a visor clip, a battery and an instruction manual.

Tips on How to Program (or Reprogram the Item) Plus Compatibility with other Remotes

If you are using this product, exactly match all 8 code switches in the transmitter and the receiver. The code switches may be set in any random pattern of +, – and 0. This product is compatible with models 9931-318 and 8832-318 (ADX or PDX).

The Allstar 8833 OCs is very easy to program. You only need to match the dip switches inside this new remote. You just need to select if you will match this to the dip switch settings in your existing remote or to the receiver that is attached to the garage door opener. This can be done by simply sliding the cover down and showing the dip switches. You can use a small screwdriver to move the dip switches in its proper position.

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