Allstar 831T Open Close Stop Commercial Transmitter Review

Having access to your commercial doors can be as easy as a push of a button. With Allstar 831T Open Close Stop Commercial Transmitter, you can have the luxury of doing this. This control transmitter is made for use with a single commercial door or gate that features three simple push buttons. For emergency cases, the STOP button is colored RED for easy identification.

Basic Specifications

  • The Allstar 831T is an 8-position trinary coding dip switch which uses a frequency of 318MHz.
  • This is a stationary mounted transmitter that uses 6561 code operated by a 9V battery.
  • The dimension of the product is 3.625 x 6.625 x 2.375 inches.


Allstar 831TThis product comes with a slight bevelling around each button. This will aid users in avoiding accidental triggering of the transmitter especially if something touches or leans on the device.

Llstar Transmitters are all designed to work with Allstar Receivers. These Receivers are connected to the commercial operator in an identical way as a 3-button station. The three buttons function through radio control. Allstar products warrant its radio controls to be free from defect for a period of one year from the date of purchase.

Tips on How to Program (or Reprogram the Item) Plus Compatibility with other Remotes

The Allstar 831T, single-door channel transmitter is compatible with models 831R, 831RJ, MVP-3CH-24V-3T-4W, MVP-3CH-12V-8W-FC, MVP-3CH-24V-8W-FC, MVP-RE-24V-8W-FC, and MVP-MR. When using this product, you need to match all 8-code switches in the transmitter and receiver. The code switches may be set in any random pattern of +, – and 0. . It is worth noting that the transmitters are intended for use with commercial door operators only.

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