Allstar 111025 Universal 288MHz Remote Review

Allstar remote controls are available in both 288 and 318MHZ frequencies. The Allstar 111025 Universal 288MHZ Remote is a classic Quick-Code Universal remote that can control a single or a group of operators at either one or multiple locations.

Basic Specifications

The Allstar 111025 Universal remote operates at 288MHz and it is the classic version of the Quick-Code Universal remote. Aside from the three buttons, the product also includes a visor or key chain transmitter. It has also a clip to mount the visor on. The product dimension is 3.15 x 1.65 x 0.6 inches, weighs 0.32 ounce and has a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Allstar 111025

It replaces the older versions of Allstar such as 931, 9931, 832, and 8832. It can also substitute for other brands like Allister 8833 and 921, and Pulsar 9931TK.

Tips on How to Program (or Reprogram the Item) Plus Compatibility with other Remotes

Each from the three buttons can be programmed with one of the 19,000 codes. To install the transmitter, verify that it is supplied with a metal clip. This clip may be used to attach the unit to a sun visor. If the clip is used, slide it into the recess provided on the back of the transmitter case until the snaps on the case fit around the clip.

Just like any other Allstar universal remote, it is important to put the transmitter first into its program mode. You need to press and hold the + and – buttons before selecting the button that you want to use. The LED will blink off once which signals that you had selected your button. Entering the 9-digit code is the final task as the LED light will blink twice, confirming a valid code was entered.

The same procedure may be repeated for the remaining buttons.

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