A Quick Guide to Installing and Using the Allister Garage Door Opener

Allistar Garage OpenerHaving a garage door opener can be convenient to many homeowners. If you have an Allister door opener, here’s how to assemble your garage door so you can start using it:

  • Prep all the tools needed. Before you start the installation, find time to prepare all the tools that you need. This ensures you won’t be going around the house looking for whatever the door opener requires. Indentify the parts of the door opener, too. Also prepare safety gloves and protective eyewear. You might need this during the installation.
  • Protect the power unit. Prevent scratches on the power unit during the installation by putting it on a cardboard. Then, attach the tee rail to the power unit with the washered nuts. After that, slide the trolley unto the tee rail and ensure that the chain tension is in front of the power unit.
  • Attach needed parts. Attach the rubber bumper and the front idler assembly to the rail with nuts and bolts.
    Position the trolley properly. Place the trolley six inches from the front idler assembly. Keep the chain flat and rolled while unrolling the other end. Then, connect it to the trolley’s threaded rod. Ensure that the chain does not have any twists or kinks.
  • Chain looping. Circle the chain around the idler wheel and unroll it to the power unit. Make sure that you check for possible twists or kinks. Loop the chain again around the sprocket of the power unit and back to the trolley’s chain tension bracket. Attach the end of the chain to the chain tension bracket with whatever that’s left of the master link assembly. Double check the chain alignment and use the adjusting nuts in tightening the chains.
  • Last step. Set up the limit cams on the chain and ensure that the snow switch is flipped. Slide the key-shaped hole unto the idler sprocket while seating the rear hole over the drive sprocket to install the chain guard.

Follow these tips when installing your Allister garage door opener. By doing so, you’re preventing door damage or any injury while doing the assembly.

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  1. Kristy, my husband and I recently moved into an older home. We want to get a new garage door opening for it. This is just the information we need! I will have to show this to my husband and see what he thinks.

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