Quick Guide To Choosing The Alliance Garage Door And Opener

Garage DoorBeing one of the most preferred brands of garage door and openers in the country, they credit their success to the outstanding quality of their products, the professionalism and friendliness of their technicians that are always there to assist the clients in installing and repairing garage doors and openers.

They have been consistent with their drive to offer affordable, quality and dedicated professional service that they were able to maintain since it was founded in 1997.

With all these attributes that Alliance possess, it will definitely make them the most sought-after garage door and openers’ provider keeping homeowners enjoy peace of mind, knowing that the largest moving electrical appliance in the home is in good hands.

To help you get to know more about this specific brand, we have counted their best practices that made them become one of the most popular choices of American homeowners.

1. They give free estimates and costing in garage door and openers installation. It would include quotation for a new door, new hardware that include tracks, springs, drum, cables and other accessories. Also, for taking down and hauling of an old door, including its springs, trucks, cables and other hardware. And a free estimate in reconnecting the existing electric opener and new vinyl weather stripping.

2. Professional repair of garage doors and openers and other related services. Including, tuning and lubricating of doors and other moving parts. The annual maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer according to the model and the location of the client’s residence. Preventive maintenance, check-ups and garage door upgrades like adding windows and insulation. Also, in repairs, replacing of broken extension, torsion and springs. Replacing damaged panels, rollers, sheave wheels, cables and tracks and the repair of openers and its accessories, even emergency repairs are available when needed.

3. If you happen to visit any of their showrooms, they have trained specialists that will help and assist you. They are experts in helping people pick up the right door and all the needs that will perfectly fit in the home. From full size working garage doors and openers, including the panels, parts and accessories.

Other quick facts you need to know about Alliance garage doors and openers are the following:

1. Their garage doors come in steel or wood and it comes in four basic colors which are the white, brown, almond and sandstone. It is available in different thickness and gauges. And when you opt for different designs and with windows, they also have it.

2. They can also change the finished look depending on your style and specifications to create a thematic look for your home. They also install and locate any wooden or carriage style garage door and pre-fabricated steel doors, if preferred by customers.

3. At any time of the day that you may need their services, they can help you round the clock for emergency services for any garage door concerns and replacement on all parts for all makes and models.

4. For garage door openers, they can help you determine the best garage opener model for you by asking you questions like, how many members of the family uses the garage door, how many times in a day does your garage door operates and based on these, they will be able to help you get the perfect garage door opener.
For your homes security and your family’s safety, an Alliance technician will walk you through the step by step programming of your remote controls and they will ensure that you will be the only people who can access your garage.

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