Access Master Replacement Parts Guide 101

When your trusted garage door opener is broken, you need not buy a new unit to get it all back into working condition. This is a costly solution to a simple problem, most often than not. Instead of breaking the bank, you just have to check the symptoms and find a cost effective alternative.

If your Access Master garage door opener is having issues, troubleshoot it and look for the root cause. Sometimes all that you need are replacement parts.

Here’s a guide towards the different replacement parts that you might need in repairing your Access Master opener:

  • Light lens cover. Oftentimes, the light lens cover goes yellow with age. This plastic cover might need replacement when it looks yellowy and does not do its job anymore. Some light lens cover are made for specific types of garage door openers. So, check the model and the specific drive, such as belt or chain drive. Certain covers fit openers with either one or two light operators so make sure that you check your own before purchasing.
light lens covers
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  • Sprocket coupler. The sprocket coupler is a part that you can find in a screw-drive garage door opener. This is a rubber sleeve that connects the motor unit to the rail sprocket. Regular use of your garage door opener can leave the coupler damaged in the long run.
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  • Receiver. The Access Master receivers vary depending on the frequencies. In choosing the right receiver, make sure you get one that matches frequencies with your opener. This little device come with a rotating code technology for added security. The receiver kit rom Access Master already comes with a receiver, antenna, wire, and a manual. The kit also works with other openers such as LiftMaster, Chamberlain, or Sears.
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  • Replacement gearkit. This is a general gearkit that suits for all garage door openers from Access Master. Some kits are compatible with openers from a certain time period so make sure that your opener is compatible. The gearkit usually includes the gear, Lubriplate grease, different washers, worm wheel and hardware. The replacement gearkit from Access Master will also be compatible with openers from Wayne Dalton, Master Mechanic, LiftMaster, Sears, and Chamberlain.
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  • Gear and sprocket assembly. This little kit comprises of the replacement gear and sprocket assembly for Access Master garage door openers. This includes the plastic worm wheel, Lubriplate grease, and metal sprocket assembly. It is also compatible with openers from LiftMaster, Wayne Dalton, Master Mechanic, Sears, and Chamberlain.
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  • Power adapter.The power adapter from Access Master will work with all types of garage door openers and gate operators. If your garage door opener has two connectors, you might need to a transformer to generate power for the receiver.
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  • Coaxial antenna kit. The antenna kit includes the coaxial cable, connectors, and bracket. It lets you position your antenna outside the opener’s casing so you can have extended range and better reception. In purchasing an antenna kit, make sure that you find one that’s compatible with the frequency of your opener.
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  • Capacitor. The starter capacitors are like fuses that starts and stops the motor. When the capacitor fails, you might need to replace it. It is easy to replace it on your own. Just purchase the right capacitor and you’re good. Access Master capacitors come in various types and are compatible with openers from Sears, Chamberlain, LiftMaster, and Master Mechanic.
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  • Wireless secondary control panel. This device is specifically designed for homeowners who want an extra control panel. This lets you turn on or off your lights from inside the garage. This can also be installed at any part of the home.
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Just remember that for certain parts, you have to check the specific model that you have. Some parts only work with the screw drive openers while others are made for the chain or the belt-drive opener. Check with your manual or ask your local retailer for assistance when purchasing a replacement part for your Access Master opener.

The Access Master parts are made by LiftMaster, which is its parent company. Their parts are interchangeable. All that you have to do is match it up by the model number. Their parts are exactly the same and have the same one year warranty.

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