A Quick Guide to Installing and Using the Access Master Garage Door Opener

Access Master Garage Door OpenerAlmost every American homeowner relies on technology for convenience and the most common technology that everyone gets to use every day in making their lives a little bit easier and stress-free is the garage door and the garage door opener. That is why most homeowners would look for the most reliable and high quality brand.

One of the most trusted brands of garage door openers are made by the Chamberlain Group which is a manufacturing company that specializes in creating access-related products including the Access Master line of garage door openers and the LiftMaster series. Both are equipped with either sectional or one-piece garage doors with an automated system allowing the homeowner to control remotely the garage door.
With the Access Master installed, the owner may use a handheld remote control or a keyless entry that can open or close the garage door. This gives owner automatic entry to the garage and make parking the car easy and convenient.

Each product is provided with a comprehensive manual with a step by step instruction for a successful installation of the product and making their garage doors automated. The manual will include the planning and preparation of the garage door, the set up and the assembly of all moving parts. Additional info would be the actual installing details for the Access Master, like adjustment, the actual use and even maintenance of your garage door opener.

Below is a quick guide in assembling your Access Master garage door opener, this is for residential use. Though this manual is provided with the purchase of a unit but we would like to share with you and show you just how easy it is.

1. Before you start, carefully and thoroughly read the manual and check the enclosed safety materials and then you can place this manual near the garage door after installation for quick reference in case you encounter problems with the garage door.

2. Next is preparing your garage door by disabling all the locks and removing any ropes or ties that are connected to the door. Then raise the door and see if it is balanced or there is anything that is sticking out. If unbalanced and there are things sticking out or spring that is out of place, better call the technician.

3. Plan by identifying the type and the height of your door. Check the garage door for conditions like, sectional door installation, one-piece door without track or one-piece door with track that would apply to your installation and you might need additional materials. You may also refer to the illustrations on the manual to help you.

4. Do an inventory of the package. The door opener is placed inside 2 boxes that contain the motor unit and all the parts needed, the accessories will depend on the model you are going to buy. Check carefully if anything is missing and refer to the illustrations of the parts included in the manual.

5. Assembly will start by attaching the rail to the motor unit. For easy installation, never run the garage door until instructed in the manual. You have to remove the two bolts with washer that are on top of the motor then position the rail at 45” angle to the opener making one hole in the rail and the other lining up with the motor unit. Thread one washer partly way in and use only these bolts to avoid damage. Then align rail and Styrofoam over the sprocket, after that cut the tape from the rail and chain then remove Styrofoam.

6. The next assembly would be attaching the chain to the sprocket and install the sprocket cover. You position the chain over it and loosen outer nut to obtain more slack. Next is inserting the second bolt, again use only the bolt which you have removed from the motor then tighten it. Replace the sprocket cover and put the back the tab in the slot on the mounting plate.

7. Assembly will be the tightening of the chain. You can do this by spinning the inner nut and lock washer on the trolley thread shaft, tighten the chain by turning the nut in a clockwise direction. Once chain is already half inch above the base, tighten the inner nut to secure the adjustment. If this is loose it will cause the sprocket to create noise. Remember during maintenance always pull the emergency release handle to disconnect the trolley before chain adjustment.

Before finally installing everything, it would be best that you test the system before using. You need to fine-tune and adjust some of the default settings, including the adjustments for the opening and closing of the garage door. Also, the amount of force it uses in the up and down motion.

In the installation process, always refer to the illustration to prevent you from getting seriously injured. Always remember to rigidly secure the header bracket to a structural support on the wall or ceiling. Also, never try to loosen, adjust or move your garage door, cables, springs, pulleys, brackets and other hardware which can cause serious injury or even death since all these are under extreme tension.

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