Why Choose Access Master 377AC and LiftMaster Clicker Universal Wireless Keyless Entry Keypad 387LM?

Garage door openers are nifty devices that most, if not all, of the modern homes already have. The convenience that it provides to modern homes makes the lives of modern homeowners so much easier. With an automatic garage door opener, leaving and coming home is a breeze. It also comes with added security and safety features that gives you the peace of mind that you need.

Garage door openers usually come with different accessories that you can use. These are made for various purposes. Wireless keypads are really common and useful accessories for your garage door. The Access Master 377AC keypad and the LiftMaster 387LM clicker keypad are among the best and cost-effective ones in the market today. Learn more about why you should choose these when you’re looking for a new keypad.

The Access Master Keypad 377AC

This wall keypad works with garage door openers with 315 MHzmade around 2005 to the present by the LiftMaster group. This includes Chamberlain, Access Master, and others.

The good thing with having this type of keypad is that it lets you control your garage door without needing your Access Master 377AC Keypad 315mhz - Aclickawayremotes.comremote or keys. You can also control multiple doors just by using this keypad.

This keyless entry system comes with the special Security + Anti-Burglary Coding for added protection. This feature changes the code of your garage door opener every time you use it so you can protect your home from code grabbers. It also has over 100 Billion codes for extra security.

If you’re going to leave for a vacation, you can give a temporary password to friends or family who need access to your home. This is convenient for maintenance people who need a limited access, as well.

It can be easily mounted to your garage door jamb using only two screws so there’s no hassle for homeowners who are not quite handy with DIYs. It comes with a weatherproof protective cover to keep it from the harsh elements. It is also backlit so you can see the numbers easily even at night for added convenience.


LiftMaster Clicker Universal Wireless Keyless Entry Keypad 387LM

This universal clicker can be mounted outside your garage door so you don’t need to carry around your remote or your key with you all the time. This is a convenient solution to all those times when you forget or lose your remote or keys somewhere. You won’t come home locked out ever again with this keypad.

The keypad is designed to work with any of the LiftMaster group garage door openers made from 1993 to the

Liftmaster Clicker Universal Wireless Keyless Entry Keypad 387LM - Aclickawayremotes.com

present. These may be from Sears, Chamberlain, LiftMaster or others. It also works with almost all of the major brands of garage door openers. This operates on various frequencies ranging from 300MHz, 310 MHz. 315 MHz, 368 MHz, and 390 MHz.

This also provides you with added security as it allows for programmable personal identification code to prevent unidentified people from accessing your home.

It is simple to install the LiftMaster 387LM clicker keypad. It is wire-free and can be mounted with only two screws. Programming is also a breeze and super easy. You can use it conveniently at night because it is backlit. It is also durable and can withstand tough weather conditions.

Once you’ve fully checked each of their features, make sure that you choose one that matches your garage door opener. Check with the keypad’s compatibility first. Having this sort of keypad will make your everyday life so much easier. You do not have to worry about bringing your keys or remote all the time and you can easily open your door with just your PIN code.

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