5 Things You Should Know About Universal Garage Door Opener

The garage door opener is a usual sight at home. Most American homes are already equipped with garage door openers to make daily life more convenient. One only has to push a button or use an app to open and close the garage door. This quick access makes home life more comfortable.

5 About Universal Garage Door Opener


However, not everyone knows the little details about the garage door opener. Here are the five things about the universal garage door opener that you should be familiar with:

The first automatic opener was invented in 1926.C.G. Johnson invented the electric overhead garage door opener in 1926. However, it wasn’t until after World War II that it became a popular home device. The typical opener has an electric motor which is the power unit. The Era Meter Company of Chicago offered this to the market with the wall-mounted keypad.

It comes in different types. The garage door opener has different types of drives. You can get a chain-drive garage door opener, belt-drive garage door opener, and the screw-drive garage door opener. The chain-drive opener is an inexpensive option for homeowners but tend to be on the noisy side of operation. The belt-drive opener is a pricey garage door opener but operates quietly. This makes it a perfect opener for those with attached garages. The screw-drive opener is a middle ground option with only one moving part and makes the opener easier to maintain.

Garage door openers are becoming commonplace. Before, a garage door opener is deemed a luxury for most homeowners. Now, there are already affordable garage door openers that anyone can afford. The basic garage door openers can be purchased for around $100. This makes it an inexpensive home device.

Garage door openers can up your security. Today’s garage door openers are equipped with security features that can help in making you feel at ease even when you sleep. Some openers can be integrated with cameras and motion sensors so you know what’s going on around you. You can even monitor the situation at home even when you’re on vacation.

The first remote was not wireless. Controlling the garage door opener now is easy with the help of the remote control and even with one’s smartphone. You can even check the status of your garage door even when you’re miles away from home. However, controlling was never that easy to begin with. The first few models didn’t have a wireless control that allowed you to open or close the door even when you’re a few yards from the door. Before, the door was controlled by a device mounted on the wall. Homeowners had to get off the vehicle just to open or close the door.

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