9 Garage Door Opener Common Problems

garage opener common problemGarage door opener, like any other home device, can be subject to the normal wear and tear due to daily use. Sooner or later, you may encounter problems and have to call a professional to troubleshoot these for you. However, you need not spend a ton of money on these opener problems. Start by identifying the common issues.

Here are the common garage door opener problems that you should be familiar with in case you are faced with these troubles in the future. Knowing what these are and how to fix them will come in handy.

1.    The remote does not work.

This is a common scenario: you come home and find that your garage door opener does not respond to your remote. In short, your remote control does not work. You may need to do a few testing when troubleshooting this concern. First, make sure that it really is the remote that’s not working. Use the wall switch to operate the opener to see if the opener responds. Make sure though that the opener is connected to the power outlet. Next, make sure that you are using the remote within the range of the opener. Try replacing the batteries with fresh ones. If your remote still doesn’t work, you may need to replace it with a new one or a universal remote.

2.    The door stops in the middle.

This can be caused by different reasons but most often by the garage door’s close limit. Just readjust this and check if the garage door now closes properly.

3.    The garage door opens or closes randomly.

If you find out that your garage door opens or closes randomly even when you are not at home, this can be a disturbing situation. Check your transmitter first and ensure that these are not stuck, which may disturb the transmission. Another thing to check is the transmitter frequency. It is also possible that your neighbor may have the same frequency, which means your garage also opens when they open theirs.

4.    Garage door opener runs but door doesn’t move.

You hear the opener’s motor run but the garage door doesn’t move. Make sure that the disconnect hook is intact and that its knob secured. Try opening the garage door manually to see if it’s working. Then try doing it again with your remote.

5.    The garage door won’t go up.

This might be caused by broken torsion springs. These are the ones responsible for carrying the weight of the door. If either of these two is broken, you need to replace it with new spring.

6.    Track is not aligned.

A misaligned track can cause serious problems. The garage door might not move. Once you notice this issue, it is a must to address it right away. This might lead to bent rails that can make the operation of the garage door even more dangerous.

7.    Photo eyes are not aligned.

Since the photo eyes are located at the bottom part of the garage door, it may be easy to knock it out of place especially with the regular movement of the door. If this happens, you might find your garage door won’t close properly. Other times, it might suddenly reverse on track. Ensure that the photo eyes are always aligned and that they are not dirty.

8.    Door reverses after hitting the door.

Although this problem might look troubling, this just requires some easy solution. Just readjust the close limit switch and test it after.

9.    Door closes quickly and with a loud bang.

If this is a frequent occurrence at home, there are two possible causes. First, it might be a broken tension spring. Second, broken cables that are connected to the tension spring can cause it. Either way, these scenarios are difficult for any handyman. It is best to consult a professional when you are faced with these issues.

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