5 Tips to Buy Garage Door Remote and Opener

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photo www.huffingtonpost.com

Every home needs a garage door opener. With accessibility and convenience becoming the top concerns in this modern world, you want your home to keep up with the times and with your fast-paced lifestyle, as well.

A garage door opener will make it more convenient for you to drive out of your home when you’re in a hurry and to drive your car inside the garage, as well. There’s no need to manually pull up the door just to get in and out.

If you are in the market for a new garage door opener and remote or you need to upgrade your old one, here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. Choose the right opener.

Don’t underestimate getting the right type of garage door opener. You need to consider your family’s lifestyle and needs. There are three drive types that you can choose from. The chain-drive garage door opener is the oldest and the most popular type of garage door opener. However, these tend to be noisy during operation and does not suit for those with bedrooms above or adjacent to the garage. The belt-drive opener is the quietest type and also more expensive than the other types. This is perfect if you don’t want a squeak while you’re sleeping. In between these two openers is the screw-drive. This opener requires little maintenance and only has few moving parts. Aside from the drive type, you need to also factor in the size of your garage door so you can purchase a powerful opener. The bigger and heavier your garage door is, the more powerful your garage opener should be. Do your research and ask around for the best garage door openers.

2. Prioritize security and safety features.

This should be something that you have to consider since the garage door is the heaviest moving part in your home. You don’t want accidents to happen especially when you have pets and little kids walking around your home. There are already modern garage door openers that come with added safety and security features. Although the basic features are definitely helpful, some extra ones that come with your garage door opener kit will come useful. There are already models that have smartphone connectivity and security cameras. Make sure that you check out these features and look for kits that have more. You can also purchase these extra features for other openers.

3. Find multiple-button remotes.

If you are upgrading one of your garage door openers at home and you have more two or more garage doors, then go look for remotes with multiple buttons. This makes the operation more convenient so you don’t have to carry a lot of remotes with you. The rest of the family should also have this kind of remote. There are opener kits that come with three-button remotes already so this might be a consideration when making a purchase.

4. Shop online.

You don’t have to limit yourself to your brick-and-mortar home improvement retailers. Oftentimes, physical stores have limited stocks and you may not find the specific model that you are looking for. You have more options if you look into online retailers. In addition to that, shopping online helps you get the best deals. It’s easier to compare prices from different online stores and you can always get the best prices. Make sure that you shop around and look for a store that offers free shipping to your home.

5. Check the warranty and return policy.

Since you will be using your garage door opener for years, it is best to get one with longer service warranty on parts. Most openers come with a five-year warranty while others have lifetime warranties. Check the kit that you are purchasing to know the kind of warranty you’re getting. In case the opener fails, your retailer should have a flexible return policy. You just don’t know what will happen. You want to be covered in case it gets broken days after the installation.

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