Newbie Cheats: 4 Steps How to Install a Garage Door Opener that’s Super Easy!

Installing a garage door opener is deemed to be a complicated task. Most homeowners go for the easiest route which is hiring a professional to install the garage door opener. Although this takes off the hassle of doing it on your own, it can be a bit costly.


Doing the installation on your own need not be difficult even for a newbie. There are ways to tackle this seemingly impossible task just by doing the work in chunks and preparing for it properly. After you have chosen the right garage door opener for your home, follow these easy steps in installing your opener:

  1. Check the Garage Door

Before you start the actual installation, you need to inspect your garage door if it is in good working condition. Ensure that all the parts are working as they should be. You need to check for broken springs or wobbly parts. Also test the door balance. Make sure that the garage door opens and closes as it should.

Lubricate the parts and remove the cords that are attached to your garage door.

You might need to do necessary repairs before installing your garage door opener. Once you’re sure everything is in good order, you need to disengage the locks and disconnect the hardware.

  1. Put Together the Main Assembly

Ready the tools, equipment and parts of the garage door opener. This makes the entire installation quicker once you ready everything that you may need. Check if every part listed on the manual came with the kit.

To start off, position the opener on a ladder to get it at a height that you prefer. Then, put together the main assembly. Put the several pieces of the rail together and attach them. Slide the carriage or trolley over the rail. This is the part that will move along the trail and pulls open the garage door opener. Connect the rail to the motor compartment

Install the pulley at the opposite end of the rail and feed either the chain or the belt through the rail, around the trolley and around the end of the motor before reaching the end of the carriage. Attach the end screw, found at the tip of the chain or belt to the carriage. This screw is responsible for adjusting the tension of the chain or belt on your garage door opener.

Make sure that you clamp the garage door open while you are installing the garage door opener. This makes it easier for you to align the opener to the center of the door.

  1. Install Ceiling Blocking and the Brackets

Install blocking to the ceiling and ensure that you are attaching it to the joists and not the sheetrock. This allows you to attach the opener to the ceiling.

Then, look for a connection point to the garage door and attach the bracket. Find the exact distance needed for your garage door opener. This varies depending on the opener that you have.

Connect the end of the main assembly to the top part of the garage door. Attach the bracket to the wall above the door and insert the assembly. Afterwards, connect the bracket and the tip of the assembly.

Finally, attach the bracket to the garage door and mount your garage door opener.

  1. Install the Other Features

After successfully installing the main assembly of the garage door opener, it is time to install the other features that your opener came along with. This includes the emergency release cord, light bulbs on the compartment, the safety eye system, and the wall-mounted keypad. Make sure that the keypad and release cord are high enough to be reached only by adults.

Remember to make the necessary tests after successfully installing your garage door opener. Program the remote and keypad to see if everything works accordingly. Include testing the all the other features, as well.

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