Troubleshooting The Most Common Garage Door Opener Problems

The most common garage door opener problem is the abrupt stopping of its functionality. The reason behind and the solution for this are basically simple. However, if the necessary repairs and adjustments are not easily observable, then you have to review the equipment manual or you may call a professional who can handle your needs.

Common Garage Problems

Here are the other common problems with garage door openers together with their possible solutions:

1. Before hitting the floor, the garage door turns in a reverse motion.

Possible adjustments may be needed on the close force.

2. The motor does not stop operating even if the garage door is already open.

You possibly have to transfer the limit switch away from the motor unit.

3. After hitting the floor, the garage door suddenly turns in a reverse motion.

Adjustments have to be possibly made on the close limit switch.

4. The garage door does not open fully.

You possibly have to transfer the limit switch to the motor unit.

5. Either the wall switch or the remote is not capable anymore of operating the garage door opener.

This may be caused by a blockage of power from the source. Be certain that you have plugged in the motor unit. If the garage door will not close completely, then examine the fuse, GFCI, or the circuit breaker for any problems.

Another reason could be adjustments are necessary for the close limit switch. However if adjustments are not needed, then you have to check if the door binds when you manually lower or raise it.

6. The remote control cannot open or close the garage door.

You can do these probable solutions for this problem:

  • Be certain that the antenna is hanging down while it is on the motor unit.
  • You need to transfer to an area near the door because you may be out of range.
  • Change the settings of the remote.
  • Change the battery of the remote with a new one if the door operates well using the wall switch.

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