Top 3 Quietest Garage Door Opener

Looking for a new garage door opener? Well, you will be surprised at the number of options available on the market these days. Garage door openers come with three different types of drive; chain, belt and screw and choosing the right one can be very difficult. As all of us are looking for comfort, these days and even ease in parking our car in a safe place.

Without ever leaving your car to open a door and with that comes safety to as it has become very dangerous, especially in the evening when it is dark outside to leave your car engine running while opening a pesky door.

Here we have chosen 3 of the quietest and best garage door openers to help you in choosing just the right one for ease and comfort.

1. Chamberlain WD832KEV Garage Door Opener

Chamberlain WD832KEV

Chamberlain WD832KEV Ultra Quiet & strong 1/2HP Belt drive garage door opener feature Chamberlain Motor Vibration Isolation system to eliminate power head vibration to reduce the noise, making this product ideal for garages that have rooms positioned above them. With the MyQ Technology it provides you with ease to be able to monitor the opening and closing of your garage door from anywhere with your smart phone and with the timer to close feature this door opener will automatically close if you perhaps have forgotten to do just that. Additionally included you receive a wireless keypad that allows you to set your unique four digit codes for easy yet secure access without a remote while it automatically turns on lights when there is motion detected. The unit comes with a lifetime warranty on the motor and belt; plus 5 years for parts and 1 year for accessories and customer feedback is great for this product as it is easy to assemble and does not take rocket science to do it yourself.


2. LiftMaster 3280 Premium Series 1/2HP Belt drive W/O Rail Assembly

LiftMaster 3280 Premium Series

LiftMaster 3280 Premium Series 1/2HP Belt drive W/O Rail Assembly offers you with enhanced performance while being reliable and durable. This unit has been designed to keep you safe and secure. With the HP heavy duty motor with motion, vibration isolation system provides the ease that you can open and close this door without troubling any person that may have a room above the garage. With the advanced electronics technology you can open and close the door easily from a long distance, although I think that is sometimes not a wise thing to do as you do not know who may be waiting there, but made for comfort. The garage door opener system allows you to program the security codes from a multi-functional control panel. And comes with a full one year warranty on all manufactured parts and lifetime warranty for the motor and belt! Most customers are pleased with the unit as it is super quiet and available with a small remote, easy to assemble and highly recommended.

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3. Genie 4042-TKC Silent Max 3/4+HPC DC Belt Garage Door Opener

Genie 4042-TKC

Genie 4042-TKC Silent Max 3/4+HPC DC Belt Garage Door Opener is an intelligently designed for homeowners that needs quiet performance with superior design and convenience for your busy lifestyle. The unit comes with two 3 button remotes, a wall console and wireless keypad. With the Genie Sense Monitoring and Diagnostic Technology it delivers the power needed at every movement the garage door makes. While continuously monitors the open and closing of the door. The Comprehensive Safe T-Beam system meets or exceeds all UL, state, federal and CSA regulations wile incorporating an auto reverse system and diagnostics. The Genie Intellicode 2 technologies prevent unauthorized users from opening the garage door. Customers are satisfied with this unit as it is very straightforward to install and operates extremely quiet making this an excellent buy.

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