Choosing A Perfect Garage Door

Choosing a garage door that would perfectly match both your budget and desired style is possible. The key is to invest some time learning about the basics – materials and enhancements.


The most affordable and durable garage doors are those made of steel. The price may increase though depending on the thickness of the panel. Steel can also be painted to make it appear like wood, and do away with its non-homey or industrial look. It is also available in a various styles. Some people shy away from this type though due to its poor insulation.

Choosing A Perfect Garage Door
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Next in line are aluminum garage doors. Like steel garage doors, they are cost-efficient, but not as sturdy. Although it can well pass for a wood garage door with a paint-job, its being lighter and thinner than the other materials cause one to doubt its overall integrity.

The third and last we will cover here are wood garage doors – which seems to be the best choice as it offers durability, good insulation and flexibility in terms of cost.

Basic wood garage doors can be inexpensive – by basic, I mean, no panel designs nor glass inserts. The price however adds up with every enhancement – like panel designs, glass inserts, insulation type among other things. The good news is, it is entirely up to you to create your own work of art within your set budget.

Below are some useful information on what the market offers to guide you in your purchase.

Stock Doors

Whether you select steel or wood, a basic garage door will always be plain looking with no glass inserts. Every customization you opt for, depending on how elaborate, and the quality of materials you choose, pegs the price of your door anywhere from average to steep. For example, for less than $600, you can have a garage door made of pressed wood with recessed panels, already primed and ready for paint, with new tracks and rollers to boot! This price, however, does not cover installation charges which is around $100. But within that price vicinity, one can also select flush faces or go for a better quality wood-type with glass inserts, which would increase the door’s value a bit.

For less than $400, on the other hand, you can purchase a simple, single-faced steel garage door – no windows, no insulation. Add these enhancements on and your garage door becomes a bit pricier. Installation fees for steel garage doors are the same with that of wood garage doors.

Semi-Custom Doors

Given style kits, customers are able to customize their garage door based on several panel design selections, different levels of glass inserts and sophisticated glass designs. Art on wood garage doors in this range (including the wood) can add up to about $1,500-$3,000 exclusive of painting and installation. In this range, customers may choose from among hemlock, cedar and mahogany wood-types, with the former being the most cost-efficient and the last two options a bit expensive.

The steel garage door in this range is double-faced, the steel itself faces outward and forms part of the garage’s facade, with a fiberglass for an inner face and an insulation in between. Steel doors are as highly customizable as wood doors and are modestly priced. Depending on the customization, semi-custom steel doors can be purchased anywhere from $400 to $1200 including new tracks and rollers. Though installation is not included, the assigned technician inspects and resets your garage door opener at no extra cost to you.

Custom Doors

Custom wood doors or wood carriage house doors spell luxury. In this range, the customer can have his own unique design drawn architecturally or he may choose from an exquisite selection of custom enhancements, The wood types in this category are top quality and ultra-durable, and as such carries a steep price tag of $3000 and higher. Custom doors are delivered usually within three weeks. Many companies offering this type of customization have online showrooms. The cost of installation for these premium items are not fixed and the guarantees on materials, parts and workmanship vary.

Custom steel doors are much like its semi-custom steel counterpart. It is also double-sided with insulation in between but both sides are made of steel. High-end steel doors usually utilize injected foam insulation, premium insulation and quality soundproofing. As with custom wood doors, the options for customization in this range for steel doors are limitless. With less than $600 up to triple this amount, you can be a proud owner of such a fine custom-made steel door with a lifetime warranty at that! You just need to pay extra for the installation.

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