Quick Tip Garage Storage Solutions

From Storage Trap to Workshop

Garage space – once widely used as a storage area for a hodgepodge of clutter, many people are now seeing its great potential and are transforming this space into a cozy workshop. You can also do the same with yours. de-cluttering your garage space may seem to be such a daunting task. But it can be quick and easy once you make a decision to transform it into your own valuable workshop.

Just follow these simple steps for an easy garage space make-over.

1. Plan it Out

Decide on how much space you will need to reclaim. Visualize you vehicles parked and all the clutter gone. How much of this available space would be necessary for a functional work space? Consider the items/clutter that you are not that willing to part with and wisely designate an area for them. Big storage units like double door cabinets with can occupy floor space fast so get creative – in many garages, cabinets are mounted high up on walls along with other storage systems like vinyl open shelves. Theses can be safe storage places for your tools. The idles space along the rafters can also be fitted with overhead storage racks for keeping or hanging bulky items that are not often used. Make sure to have at least one cabinet with lock for storing toxic substances and other stuffs that should be out of your kids’ reach. Now that you have freed your space, it is time to organize.

2. Organize

Organization is key in taking away the cluttered-look so take time to do so. Identify which of your stuffs need to be accessible and the ones that can be stored away permanently. The latter can occupy your ceiling area and the rest organized on the open shelves or arranged neatly in drawers and cabinets.

3. Adding Value to Your Floor Space

Create a mobile work space by putting casters on the remaining fixtures occupying your floor area. They will come in handy when you need to move those big parts or items you are repairing. This will also make it easier for you too to clear the area should you need to be handyman for the day, and quickly rearrange everything when you are done.

4. If You Must Add, Go Practical

If there is still more storage space left, go practical. Select more compact storage units so you do not feel cramped at all and can go for long hours comfortably working in the area. Also, consider the make of the storage systems, pick the ones that are built specifically for use in a workshop. After all, that is what you are buying them for.

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