Garage Door Opener Safety Tips

Garage door openers provide that much needed additional security at home. Ensuring that they do not pose danger and continue to serve their purpose is of utmost importance.

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Here are some useful safety tips to consider in setting-up your garage door opener.

Do-it-yourself Installation

DASMA recommends that installation of garage door openers be handled by professional technicians. If you really must, however, make sure that your conform to the step-by-step and recommendations stipulated in your user’s manual. This is key to a safe DIY installation.

Coast is Clear

Before you close your garage door,  always make sure that the coast is clear to avoid accidents. Watch the door until it finally closes. Better to spare a few seconds than risk life and limb later to save a pet or a loved one.

Reinforcement Bracket

A reinforcement-bracket is a  must-have in garage door opener installation. This should not be an issue if a trained technician is handling the installation, but a DIY-er  would tend to overlook this all important requirement. Without this in place,  the garage door is left vulnerable and can easily be damaged. Your manual provides the how-to’s on reinforcement bracket installation.

Need More Power?

If you suddenly find your garage door unusually heavy, replacing your opener with a more powerful one may not be the appropriate solution. Concluding that the door is out of balance and trying to make the adjustments yourself is a definite no-no either. Ascertaining the real problem may be a task not only too difficult but also too risky for a DIY-er. You will do well to hire a professional do the job. He is the most qualified to give a fast and credible diagnosis and get your garage door fixed in no time.

Reverse Sensors

Your garage door opener is equipped with reverse sensors which causes a closing door to move back up upon contact with an obstruction. If your door fails to do this, do not attempt to tinker with your door opener to find the right sensitivity adjustment. To avoid any untoward incidents. call a trained door systems technician to do the job.

Safety Reversing Features

All garage door openers manufactured from 1993 onwards are equipped with a second safety reversing feature called “photoelectric eyes,” which refer to sensors at the base of either side of the garage door which sends and receives beams of infrared light. When this invisible beam is disturbed, the closing door automatically moves up. If your door opener does not have this safety feature, you may want to check with your manufacturer if your model allows for retrofitting one. If not, it may be time to buy a new one.

One More Indispensable Safety Feature

Techie burglars can easily gain entry by making use of an equipment which allows them to eavesdrop and record one’s transmitter and play it back. To ward off replay attacks, upgrade your keyless entry system with one that employs the rolling code technology, which alters your code after every use.

Lastly, to be on the safe side, follow these three basic rules in installing the safety features of your garage door opener.

1. The Six-Inch Rule

Make sure the photoelectric eyes are installed six inches at the base of your      garage   door, never higher. This will specially be a good thing for your small ones     and pets.

2. The Five-Foot Rule

Wall-mounted garage door opener controls should not be accessible for kids to

to play with, and at five-feet, they are safely out of their reach. You might also

need to talk to your kids about garage door safety precautions.

3. Make it a point to have a safe inconspicuous place for keeping your remote away from your kids and possible burglars. Obviously, your car does not qualify   as inconspicuous , but if you must really keep your remote in the car, make sure that it is not visible to prevent burglaries.

These safety tips are a bit general, if you are experiencing problems or have queries not covered or discussed in this article, direct your concerns to your manufacturer.

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  1. I can definitely see why you would want your garage door opener to have a safety reversing feature. My kids always use the garage door to get basketballs and other toys to play outside. I definitely want to make sure that it remains safe for them to use, while also keeping our home secure when left unattended.

  2. All garage door openers manufactured from 1993 onwards are equipped with a second safety reversing feature called “photoelectric eyes,” which refer to sensors at the base of either side of the garage door which sends and receives beams of infrared light.It’s really wonderful.Thanks for sharing this information.

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