Chamberlain PD210D Power Drive 1/2-Horsepower Security-Plus Chain-Drive Garage Door Opener

Chamberlain-PD210D-300x300Garage door openers help you to open the doors without stepping out of your car into the tough weather conditions or in the dark. The convenience and safety of opening the garage have increased the popularity of garage door openers.If you are interested in installing a garage door opener, you should know the various options available in the market. Here is the review of one among them.

What are its unique features?

1. It makes use of security-plus anti burglary system.
2. It has a 1/2 HP motor with industrial strength.
3. The sensing technology prevents the door from closing if it comes into contact with any object or person or animal.
4. It has the unique PosiLock theft protection to ensure that the door is kept securely locked.
5. This product delivers 100 watts of light.

What do the customers’ reviews show?

The customers’ reviews show that most of them are pleased with the product. Some do have some minor complaints and problems. Almost all of them are happy that it can be easily installed without any problem. One of the customers says they he bought it as a gift fir his father. He installed it in less than 30 minutes and his father is extremely happy with the added safety features. Another customer who already has four other Chamberlain garage openers says that he has never had any problems with any of his openers and this product from Chamberlain is no exception. Another customer says that it is a super opener that operates quietly and smoothly at a fine price.

What are the pros of this garage opener?

Safety from burglary and theft

There are many safety features. What does the security plus burglary system do? It sends a new code every time the remote is used. There are more than one billion codes and none of the codes are repeated. What does the PosiLock theft protection do? It makes sure that once you close the door, it remains locked until you open it again.

Safety for kids and pets

The sensing technology ensures the safety of kids, pets and the cars. What does it do? An invisible beam is produced, If anything interrupts the passage of beam, the door is prevented from descending. Little children and pets standing under the door will not be harmed. If you have left your cat underneath, it will not be damaged.


The installation is not only easy but quick too. The installation gets completed in a few minutes without any complications.


The 1/2 HP motor is of industrial strength. The motor is powerful and dependable. It can lift even your double doors with so much of ease. The motor comes with a 6-year warranty.


In spite of the high powerful motor, it runs very quietly. You need not worry about disturbing your neighbors in the middle of the night.

What are the cons?

Some customers complain about the chain jumping and getting ground. Another customer says that he had to return the product in a day because the door started to go up and down whenever it wished.


Compatible: Liftmaster 108D79 lens cover

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