• Advance Garage Roller Door Fixes

    Basic to Advance Garage Roller Door Fixes & Maintenance

    Most garage door problems fall along basic patterns. If your door demonstrates particular actions, it likely suffers from certain causes. In this guide, we’ll provide the most frequent types of bad garage door behavior so you can match the door’s problem with the solutions we suggest. Once you diagnose the problem, fixing the issue becomes […]

  • garage door maintenance 6560

    Garage Door Maintenance DIY Quick Tips

    More often than not, we use our garage to do some do-it-yourself projects aside from parking our cars. It’s like other parts of the house that play an important role in your day-to-day living. However, one of the most overlooked requirements in having a home garage is proper maintenance. Regular cleaning should be done to […]

  • Allstar 111025

    Allstar 111025 Universal 288MHz Remote Review

    Allstar remote controls are available in both 288 and 318MHZ frequencies. The Allstar 111025 Universal 288MHZ Remote is a classic Quick-Code Universal remote that can control a single or a group of operators at either one or multiple locations. Basic Specifications The Allstar 111025 Universal remote operates at 288MHz and it is the classic version […]

  • Linear AK-11

    Linear AK-11 Features, Review & Programming

    Linear AK-11 is a digital keypad on your outdoor gates for better access to your property. It will also serve you a better security system to avoid your home from getting robbed. Moreover, it comes with a straightforward process of programming your PIN or code for easier access. Linear AK-11 Features Compared to other digital […]

  • Eagle access control systems

    Top 3 Eagle Access Control Systems

    The Eagle Fire Box enables you to have direct access control systems to the fire department through your automated gate. We will present to you three of these access control systems that are high-quality and durable. The materials used for the boxes are stainless steel finish painted red. Eagle M2000 Fire Box Here is one […]

  • 33lm-

    LiftMaster 33LM Garage Door Opener 390MHz Review

    LiftMaster 33LM Garage Door Opener 390MHz is compatible with a multi-function remote control that can be operated to three residential garage doors. This door opener can be installed easily and works as advertised. Basic Specifications LiftMaster 33LM Garage Door Opener 390MHz consists of three-button door control for open, close and stop. It can activate up […]

  • Allstar 110995

    Allstar 110995 Classic Quick-Code Review

    The Allstar 110995 Classic Quick Code Transmitter makes it possible to operate a single or group of remotely controlled devices such as garage door opener with a lone transmitter. Basic Specifications This Allstar 110995 Classic Quick Code Transmitter is a three-button remote control that can operate up to 3 different Allstar radio receivers at 318MHz […]

  • marantec remotes

    How to Program Marantec Remotes

    Marantec is a high-technology for innovative automatic gate openers. The company brings better security for all types of doors and gates, giving convenience to people’s lives. Their team works hand-in-hand to fit their control systems to the latest technology for customer contentment and satisfaction. If you already purchased your Marantec garage and door openers, you […]